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Begginer - please help (english)

Verfasst: 22.08.2006, 16:22:36
von greegoro
Hello. I'm begginer on ARM uC. I have some questions - my English isn't very well but I thing you understand me in that mail.

1. I heard uClinux don't need MMU(Memory Managment Unit) on uC but Linux need that. And I need to ask you where is a diffrent between uClinux and Linux compiled for ARM.
2. What is the cost/prize for everything elements needed to build "WebBox" and where I can buy that in good prize.
3. Can I compile everything Linux software for that uClinux - how to do that.
4. Can I buy test board for Philips ARM LPC2294 .

Please for help. Thank's. Bye