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micro sd card

Verfasst: 14.11.2007, 16:43:17
von telmat

I tried to implement the mmc/sd card with my str71 arm processor. the card capacity is 1GB (san disk micro sd).I could abel to initilize the card , but the file search failed. says no file found. I formated the disk in windows with FAT 16 and placed a file called mmc.txt. I found that in your explanation you specified that ,first to do partitation using the fdisk and then format it using the MSDOS(which i did not do). Is this the reason why the the file serch is not working? any kind of help would be greatfull.


Verfasst: 16.11.2007, 08:04:56
von Ulrich

You must replase the strcasecmp function in fat.c some Compiler have a problem with this function. I use the strcmp funktion but it is case sensitiv!