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FTP Connection to the LPC22xx Board

Verfasst: 26.11.2007, 21:42:29
von AW78
Hi all !

Maybe somebody could help me for the follwoing issue.
I am using the LPC22xx board from Ulrich with the uClinux image.
For testing I copied the Image File which Ulrich offers in the forum
on the SD card.

I have configured a IP adress with "ifconfig eth0"
From my computer I can ping the board, and I can get also the data
structure when opening the adress in the webbrowser.

But how it is possible to connect via FTP on the board ? What damon do I need to start on the uClinux ? ftpd or tftpd ( what is the difference ? )
Is there any username and password which I need to enter for FTP.
In another forum I saw some proposals with "root" and "default" or "root" and "uClinux" but it is not working.

Where do I need to store a index.htm page on the SD card and how it is possible that httpd starts automatically after the LPC22xx board is supplied.
I searched in the Internet and in this forum but no answer to this question.

Many thanks for any information
best regards

Re: FTP on LPC22xx board

Verfasst: 14.04.2008, 22:29:38
von obst80
Hi AW78,

I've exactly the same problem, or is it just too simple ?
I checked the file "passwd" found some users "ftp", "root", "anonymous" but could not log-in. Have you found already the password, or compiled it new? On the uClinux homepage, it is just written that the password is "uClinux"

Thanks a lot

Re: FTP on LPC22xx board

Verfasst: 15.04.2008, 21:57:42
von AW78
Hi obst80,

unfortuanetly I have still the same problem that I do not know the user name or password for the ftp access. In the past I contacted Ulrich for asking him personally whether he knows the password. He answered me that he does not know or remember. I am wondering how the other users who are writing in the board can connect via ftp ? Maybe somebody else could help here. Unforunately the support and response in this board is very low. I wish you good luck. Maybe you can write again if you found out something new.


Re: FTP on LPC22xx board

Verfasst: 16.04.2008, 17:39:40
von Ulrich

I remember, you must start inetd type on the RS232 console:

cd /bin

now you can login via ftp the user is "root" and the password is "master"


Re: FTP on LPC22xx board

Verfasst: 17.04.2008, 21:05:30
von AW78
Hello Uli,

thank you for this information and getting the support from you to this topic.

We admire your knowledge about the programming and electronics.
Nice projects which you illustrate on your page

kind regards